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Gaston Dossou

Gaston Kokou Dossou heads the Institute for Sustainability in Togo. Since 2001, he has worked in various companies in the field of management and marketing.

In 2016, he participated in a workshop on waste management, especially waste disposal and recycling. This was organised by Technik ohne Grenzen e. V. at the University of Ghana. Other training topics were: Social Entrepreneurship, Leadership Concepts and Volunteering. Mr Dossou has since successfully implemented a waste seperation and disposal concept in the hospital and in a school in Bassar (Togo).

Mr Dossou works closely with the non-profit association FiBassar e. V..

He has founded the initiative “Recycle up! TOGO” initiative and wants to sensitise young people in Togo in particular to waste avoidance and recycling. He is currently working on a recycling project for plastic waste, in which youths and young adults collect the waste and take it to stations where it is recycled. This will not only reduce plastic waste but also create jobs.

In 2019, he founded the platform “IFS MY ACTION” to fight youth unempoloyement in Lomé (Togo). Young people can accept work in the social and ecological sector here. This action is financed by donations.