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Hospital Partnership between Nuremberg Hospital and the Hospital C. H. P. in Basssar (Togo)

Implementation: In 2016, the Institue for Sustainability successfully raised funds from the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development to implement a clinic partnership between Nuremberg Hospital and the Hospital C. H. P. in Bassar (Togo). Among other things, an incinerator for infectious waste and a well for supplying water to the individual clinic buildings were built. Together with the association Fi Bassar e. V. and the focus on people. All projects on site in Togo are discussed with the clinic staff in advance, corresponding needs are identified and sustainable and long-term solutions are sought and implemented in a targeted manner. All 17 sustainability goals are at the forefront of the projects, especially the fight against (youth) unemployment, health care, hygiene, the protection of the environment and biodiversity, and the promotion of education.

In February 2018, a delegation from Nuremberg Hospital provided on-site training for the medical team and specialist staff and assisted with many life-saving surgeries.

Result: Due to the hospital partnership between Nuremberg Hospital and the hospital in Bassar (Togo), it was possible to reduce the mortality rate by improving hygiene and diagnostic equipment. Despite the great distance between Germany and Togo, the use of digital technologies has made it possible to provide training for hospital staff in Bassar and to maintain contact since 2017.

Presentation on the hospital partnership at the Bits & Trees conference on 17.11.2018: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qWiEdTJB07w

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