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Sustainable development is development that meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

WCED (Brundtland Report), Our common future, 1987

The Institute for sustainability

The Institute for Sustainability was founded in 2012 by members of the Department of Information Systems at Friedrich-Alexander-University of Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany.

This is a provider of individualised sustainability and CSR services specialising in training, research and consulting. Core competencies lie in particular in the combination of digitalisation & sustainability, in sustainable and appreciative human resource management, in work and organisational design as well as in corporate waste management and authentic marketing.

Our philosophy

The Institute was founded on the idea that we all have a social responsibility (CSR = Corporate Social Responsibility) towards future generations (in other words our children and grandchildren) and towards our planet Earth. Developments on earth show that economic activities still lead to high environmental consumption and exploitation of resources.

We face up this global responsibility by:

  • provide a platform for innovations and projects by coordinating and bringing together requests and solutions in all economic, environmental and social matters;
  • offer qualified assistance qualified assistance in the implementation of sustainability projects for companies, banks and insurance companies, as well as educational institutions and municipal administrations, but also for private individuals (e.g. in the preparation of CSR, sustainability, environmental reports, in life cycle assessments and in the introduction of energy management or waste management systems);
  • provide training training on all sustainability issues (for all target groups).

To this end, we work with many partner companies worldwide, because we see ourselves as one company among many, all pulling together to keep our planet liveable for future generations.